June 19, 2008

Last day of school

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~Digi page thanks to the following~
Paper: Imendez - Little Chicks
Frame with flowers: Dielle - Summary
Flourish: Scrapgirls
Memories Journal Block: Margerete Antonio
Circle Stitching: Scrapgirls
Black Ribbon w/ stitching: Shabby Princess
Black/white stapled ribbon: Shabby Princess
Font: CK Ali's Writing


Steph said...

Hey Sarah! I noticed that you went ahead and did the acknowledgments. I really don't know the etiquette with this stuff but I've seen a lot of layouts and they ALWAYS give credit where credit is due. So, I try to also. But, really, do you think there is a Digiscrap Gestapo that's going to smack you down if you don't give credit?! Probably not! Hee hee! Looks really good!